DURUS® EasyFinish fibers can completely or partially eliminate the costly and cumbersome bar reinforcement in perimeter foundations, ensuring proper placement and eliminating heavy and tedious lifting.

Strip foundations

For in-situ cast-in-place strip foundations, concrete reinforced with DURUS® EasyFinish will fully or partially replace the rebar in foundations and significantly ease the work process.

Since the concrete is reinforced when it arrives on site, the concrete structure achieves a 3-dimensional matrix of fibers that gives the foundation the same strength as traditional steel-reinforced concrete.

DURUS® EasyFinish can be used in construction applications where perimeter foundations are used, such as residential and multi-storey buildings, agricultural buildings, industrial buildings, retail stores and more.

Time saving - Better economy

When foundations are reinforced with DURUS® EasyFinish, time is saved on processing, forming and placing steel bars. The concrete gun only needs to be unloaded once in the foundation trench as the reinforcement is mixed into the concrete. All of this contributes to an economic benefit to the overall construction budget.

Better working environment

Precast concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish eliminates the laborious processes of handling and installing steel reinforcement steel. Employees are no longer exposed to heavy lifting, awkward postures, dangerous lifting and lifting gear and all the physically demanding work processes and risks associated with steel reinforcement work.

Time spent cutting, bending, bending and installing reinforcement is saved, and without heavy and tedious lifting, it creates a good basis for recruiting skilled construction workers with the promise of a safe and healthy working environment.

Guaranteed correct positioning

When using traditional steel reinforcement, there is a risk of misplacement. This can have a disastrous effect on the quality of the precast structure. DURUS® EasyFinish is distributed throughout the concrete matrix according to DS/EN 206. DS/EN 206 and thus constitutes a three-dimensional reinforcement solution. This ensures a reinforcement effect throughout the entire cross-section of the structure.

Easier handling

DURUS® EasyFinish does not need to be delivered, stored, secured or coordinated by construction management. It arrives mixed in with the concrete without any special handling requirements, while reducing material waste such as steel off-cuts.

No equipotential bonding

By reinforcing the entire building with DURUS® EasyFinish, without any reinforcing steel, you can completely avoid potential equalization.

Advisor liability coverage through PPCD

For calculations and documentation, we recommend our partner engineering company PPCD. PPCD are specialists in static calculations of polypropylene fiber-reinforced concrete structures. Membership of the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers guarantees impartial advice and compliance with ethical guidelines for good consulting practice. In addition, through insurance, PPCD assumes consultancy responsibility for the preparation of the necessary A Construction documentation and B Project documentation in accordance with SBI Instruction 271. SBI instruction 271.

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