Durus® EasyFinish fibers can be used in all types of decks and base plates.

Ground cover

DURUS® EasyFinish increases the load-bearing capacity of the finished concrete and can fully or partially replace the reinforcing mesh in ground floors.

With a 3-dimensional matrix of fibers, the finished deck has the same strength as traditional steel-reinforced concrete.

Areas of application

DURUS® EasyFinish can be used for a wide range of construction purposes and applications such as in ground cover residential and multi-storey buildings, agricultural construction, industrial construction, retail stores, commercial construction, agriculture, harbors and coastal protection as well as all kinds of outdoor areas.

By using DURUS® EasyFinish in ground cover rather than reinforcing mesh, a number of benefits can be achieved:

Better working environment

Pre-reinforced concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish eliminates all the labor processes involved in handling and installing conventional steel reinforcement mesh. Employees are no longer exposed to heavy lifting, dangerous transportation and the physically demanding work processes and other risks associated with steel reinforcement work. Time spent cutting, bending, bending and laying reinforcement mesh is saved and without heavy and tedious lifting, a good basis is created for recruiting skilled construction workers with the promise of a safe and healthy working environment.

Guaranteed correct positioning

When using traditional steel reinforcement, there is a risk of misplacement. This can have a disastrous effect on the quality of the precast structure. DURUS® EasyFinish is distributed throughout the concrete matrix according to DS/EN 206. DS/EN 206 and thus constitutes a three-dimensional reinforcement solution. This ensures a reinforcement effect throughout the entire cross-section of the structure.

Easier handling

DURUS® EasyFinish does not need to be delivered, stored, secured, or coordinated by the construction manager. It arrives mixed into the concrete with no special treatment required, while reducing material waste such as steel off-cuts.

No rust

DURUS® EasyFinish is unaffected by moisture as polypropylene cannot corrode, thus avoiding spalling and cracking due to the expansion of corroded steel reinforcement, as well as unwanted rusting of the concrete surface.

A sustainable foundation

DURUS® EasyFinish supports sustainable construction and contributes to the green transition. Compared to conventional steel reinforcement,CO2 emissions are reduced by between 60-90% in the reinforcement production and process. In addition, fewer environmentally harmful substances and energy are used in production.

An extended EPD analysis by COWI and third-party verified by Ramboll environmental product declaration of DURUS® EasyFinish to the most comprehensive degree possible, benefiting tenders and buildings with sustainability certification requirements such as LEED and DGNB.

Liability coverage through PPCD

For the preparation of calculations and documentation, we recommend our partner engineering house PPCD. They are specialists in static calculations of polypropylene fiber-reinforced concrete structures. Membership of the Association of Consulting Engineers guarantees impartial advice and compliance with ethical guidelines for good consulting practice. In addition, through insurance, they assume responsibility for the preparation of the necessary A Construction documentation and B Project documentation in accordance with SBI Instruction 271. SBI instruction 271.

No reinforcing mesh for the installation of underfloor heating pipes

By reinforcing the ground cover with DURUS® EasyFinish, the underfloor heating pipes can be clipped directly onto the insulation, avoiding the need to flush handle and unravel the heavy and unwieldy reinforcement mesh.

No equipotential bonding

By reinforcing the entire building with DURUS® EasyFinish, without any reinforcing steel, potential equalization can usually be avoided altogether.

Combination solution

DURUS® EasyFinish can also be used in combination with reinforcing steel, thereby achieving a number of benefits, such as reducing the total amount of steel, thereby savingCO2.

Avoid plastic shrinkage cracks

Furthermore, by adding our Crackstop® Ultra microfiber to the concrete, a well-known problem such as plastic shrinkage cracks in the surface of the ground cover is prevented.

Boys/girls in training

PP Nordica has developed two products.
Jutters can help to smooth out any spiky fibers in the concrete surface to achieve a smooth even concrete surface.

Additional reinforcement

PP Nordica recommends additional reinforcement at outward corners, recesses, columns, etc.