By using our EasyFinish fibers in residential buildings, the installation of underfloor heating pipes on reinforcing mesh is eliminated and equipotential bonding is avoided.

PP Nordica Denmark 5 Types of buildings 5 Residential and multi-storey buildings

Residential and multi-storey buildings

Easy and fast

In residential and multi-storey construction, there is a strong focus on the working environment and construction time. Therefore, the use of DURUS® EasyFinish is particularly attractive in these construction applications, as the reinforcement is already added to the concrete when it arrives at the construction site. This saves both the time spent dragging and forming the reinforcement bars and avoids heavy and cumbersome lifting. 

Sustainable construction

Reinforcement with DURUS EasyFinish fibers reducesCO2 emissions compared to conventional reinforcement methods. Our EPD report can document aCO2 reduction of more than 60% compared to steel reinforcement.

In housing, the fibers are used for

  • Strip foundations
  • Point foundations
  • Floors/terrain decks
  • Over-concrete/castings
  • piles/plate foundations
  • In-situ cast walls
  • Outdoor areas
  • Parking areas (underground car parks)

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