Durus EASYFINISH is most often used in industrial construction due to its high quality and minimum maintenance.

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Industrial construction

Industrial construction today places high demands on quality and a minimum of maintenance. Therefore, reinforcement with DURUS® EasyFinish is the right choice when it comes to choosing a reinforcement form. The fibers are already added to the concrete when it is delivered to the construction site, thereby ensuring that the structure is correctly reinforced throughout the concrete matrix. 

In industrial buildings, the fibers are used for

  • Floors/terrain decks
  • Point foundations (replacement of hoop and curve reinforcement)
  • Office and storage premises
  • In-situ cast walls
  • Cold and freezer rooms
  • Outdoor areas
  • Loading ramps
  • Over-concrete/castings
  • Machine foundations
  • Corrosion-prone areas
  • Areas exposed to chemicals

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