In aggressive environments, our fiber solution comes into its own. The fibers have a high chemical resistance and do not rust.

PP Nordica Denmark 5 Types of buildings 5 Coast, ports, bridges and structures

Coasts, ports and maritime installations

Because our polypropylene fibers do not rust and have a high chemical resistance, they are a strong alternative to steel reinforcement in harsh aggressive environments where longevity and integrity are key.

In these applications, our DURUS® EasyFinish fibers can be combined with our Crackstop Ultra microfibers, where the macrofibers are included as the structural fiber, and where the microfibers give the concrete a good resistance to freeze/thaw, impact, abrasion and chemical effects. 

In coastal, port and maritime facilities, the fibers are used for

  • Quay areas
  • Underwater castings for sheet piling and bottom protection
  • Floating bridges
  • Fish auction halls
  • Warehouses
  • Splash zones
  • Coastal protection
  • Container sites

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