About PP Nordica Denmark

PP Nordica Denmark is a supplier of micro- and macrosynthetic fibers for concrete reinforcement, including technical calculations, documentation and engineering consultancy of concrete structures.

PP Nordica Denmark offers consultancy, calculation and materials for sustainable concrete reinforcement solutions. As a supplier and advisor, PP Nordica Denmark contributes, as the only one in the Nordic region A. As well as construction documentation B, project documentation, consulting, calculation and delivery of EasyFinish fibers.

A fundamental change

The fundamental change from conventional steel reinforcement of concrete structures is the four core values from which the Group's customers benefit;

Easier, faster, cheaper and more sustainable construction. 

This is possible because the steel reinforcement is completely or partially replaced by macrosynthetic DURUS EasyFinish fibers. With 70,000 fibers per kilogram, DURUS EasyFinish fibers provide a reinforcing power that can comprehensively replace conventional steel reinforcement - either completely or as a combination solution.

Through collaboration with consulting engineers PPCD Engineers, PP Nordica Denmark has the resources and technology to perform calculations and offer documentation for bearing capacity and replacement potential. PPCD also offers independent consultancy independent of PP Nordica Denmark.

Represented at home and abroad

PP Nordica Denmark has its head office in Ansager in western Jutland and a local office in Østerbro in Copenhagen. Regional sales managers throughout the country offer PP Nordica Denmark both local representation and specific area knowledge.

Our regional sales managers and directors have a combined 122 years of experience in the concrete industry. They know the daily life of the mixer and which local concrete plants are preferred in the different areas. They have extensive knowledge of the entire process, from quarrying, quality, fiber mixing, casting and drying time, right down to the last detail.

PP Nordica Group

PP Nordica Group has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Poland and the Baltic States. 

The manufacturer of PP Nordica Group's micro and macro synthetic fibers ADFIL, which has production facilities in Belgium and the UK. Since 2007, PP Nordica Group has specialized in providing and designing polypropylene fibre solutions for all types of construction projects in the building industry.

Incomparable quality

Since 2017, PP Nordica Group, PPCD and ADFIL have been supplying the international construction industry with the special 5th generation of macrosynthetic fibers known as DURUS® EasyFinish and a brand new generation of the microsynthetic CrackStop® Ultra. CrackStop® Ultra prevents plastic shrinkage, cracking, and increases the impact and abrasion resistance of the concrete. The combination of DURUS® EasyFinish and CrackStop® Ultra in addition to the specific project documentation enables designers, consultants and contractors to create outstanding buildings with significant savings in construction time, project economy and environmental impact.

Sustainable construction

In addition to economic optimization of customers' projects, sustainability is particularly on the agenda in connection with PP Nordica's help to the construction industry, where the usualCO2 reduction is 60-90 percent compared to conventional steel reinforcement. This can be documented through EPD-Danmark's analysis of DURUS EasyFinish, which shows improvement on a wide range of other parameters.

PP Nordica Denmark collaborates with DGNB consultants, auditors, sustainability managers and other actors in the construction industry to provide advice on certifications and environmental product declarations, as well as on the reduction potential of environmentally friendly processes.

Through various partners and industry constellations, PP Nordica Denmark contributes to a significant reduction in material consumption, which results in a largeCO2 reduction for the environment for future generations. In customer consulting, however, our focus is on the interaction between a reduction of the environmental footprint in correlation with optimization of the project economy.


Sales team

Sune N. Olsen

Managing Director

Tel. +45 60 16 15 35 35

Palle Olsen


Tel. +45 54 58 32 30

Ken Boye Bjørngaard

Head of Area

Tel. +45 54 58 12 56

Svend Weiss

Prefabrication / International project

Tel. +45 30 14 33 33 33 /
+48 784 375 750


Signe V. Olsen


Tel. +45 29 76 01 71

Elliott Brandon

Web developer

Tel. +45 24 24 91 44

Tobias Stenkjær

Technical designer



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