Replace traditional steel and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

It saves resources and time in the construction project and significantly improves the working environment and, not least, the economy. It can be used for various building structures that use traditional reinforcement. Because there is a development and a green replacement for the widely used and well-known steel reinforcement, which was once a necessity.

Sustainable fibers as a replacement for
reinforcing steel in concrete structures

At PP Nordica Group, they have developed structural fibers that can replace reinforcing steel with
a durability and sustainable potential that makes it particularly interesting for type houses and
prefabricated construction.

Sustainable method to reinforce concrete structures

PP Nordica Denmark wants to show the Danish construction industry that there is a new and more sustainable way to reinforce concrete structures.

A fundamental change that delights

There is a proven and gentle alternative to conventional structural steel reinforcement in construction. Accompanied by environmental product declaration, life cycle analysis, engineering calculations and statutory documentation, structural concrete reinforcement with DURUS fibers from PP Nordica Denmark - made of polypropylene - is an inevitable alternative in today's sustainable construction.

Construction+ Architecture

In this issue of Construction and Architecture, Elias Isak, Sustainability Manager at PP Nordica Group, talks about how busy the construction industry really is if national and industry climate targets are to seem plausible. There is a need for acceptance of new technologies, for automatic requirements in tenders for sustainability classifications and declarations.  


The Danish type-built house is gaining ground. A significant demand for climate-friendly type houses in particular is raising the demands on contractors, suppliers and material manufacturers.

2030 targets require self-awareness in the construction industry

In collaboration with Sundolitt, BAYO.S and PPCD Ingeniører, PP Nordica has provided a solution that, in a combination of screw foundations, sustainable insulation solutions and DURUS-Fibercrete from PP Nordica, has enabled the construction of Thomas Uhrskov's new holiday home in Denmark's answer to Hawaii, Klitmøller. The industry partnership between the four companies is now available to anyone who wants to build on areas with poor soils.