DURUS® EasyFinish construction fibers

Better health and safety at work. No rust. Sustainable and CO₂ -reducing. Optimization of work processes and project economy.

DURUS® EasyFinish

DURUS® EasyFinish is our latest construction fiber that is a replacement for reinforcing steel in various concrete structures.

DURUS® EasyFinish is increasingly used in floor structures, strip foundations, point foundations, over-concrete and many other construction applications.

Reinforcing concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish fibers offers many advantages:

  • Increased sustainability andCO2 reduction
  • Easier handling
  • Optimized workflow and project economics
  • Safety of reinforcement throughout the concrete matrix
  • No corrosion
  • Improving health and safety at work
  • Quality assurance is provided with the concrete delivery note

DURUS® EasyFinish is used for all kinds of construction applications. Including industrial and warehouse construction, agricultural buildings, harbor and coastal protection, model houses and outdoor areas, to name a few.

Increased sustainability andCO2 reduction

DURUS® EasyFinish emits 60-90% lessCO2 in the reinforcement production and process compared to conventional steel reinforcement. This is documented through the comprehensive EPD analysis (Environmental Product Declaration), Cradle to Grave, which PP Nordica Group and the manufacturer Adfil have had prepared by COWI and verified by Rambøll. The EPD report is publicly available and can be obtained on request or on EPD Denmark's website.

Easier handling

DURUS® EasyFinish is delivered with the pre-reinforced concrete. This avoids the handling and processing of reinforcing steel and storage on the construction site. There is no material waste from, for example, clippings, and at the same time the cost of renting lifting equipment and the like is saved.

Optimized workflow and project economics

The time-consuming processes of handling, embedding and processing steel reinforcement prior to casting are eliminated with DURUS® EasyFinish.

By using pre-reinforced concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish, reinforcement and casting are done in one work process, as the fibers are mixed into the concrete at the concrete plant and delivered and placed directly from the concrete truck. This reduces the time-consuming resources needed to cut, bend, block and lay out the reinforcing steel.

Safety of reinforcement throughout the concrete matrix

With conventional steel reinforcement, there is a risk of misplacement, which can have incalculable consequences for the quality of the precast structure. Reinforcing with DURUS® EasyFinish ensures correct reinforcement, as the DURUS fibers are distributed throughout the entire concrete matrix, resulting in a three-dimensional reinforcement solution. This ensures the reinforcement effect throughout the entire cross-section of the structure.

No corrosion

DURUS® EasyFinish is not affected by moisture. The base material polypropylene cannot corrode. This avoids spalling and cracking due to the expansion of corroded steel reinforcement as well as undesirable rust shields in the concrete surface. DURUS® EasyFinish is also resistant to alkali-silica reactions in the concrete and therefore has a service life of more than 100 years, cf. ISO 13438.

Improving health and safety at work

Pre-reinforced concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish facilitates the reinforcement process compared to conventional steel reinforcement, to the benefit of employee job satisfaction and safety. By eliminating the need for heavy lifting, a better and gentler working environment is achieved. Occupational safety is increased as there is no longer a need for dangerous transportation of reinforcement by machines and cranes.

Quality assurance is provided with the concrete delivery note

With DURUS® EasyFinish pre-reinforced concrete, the QC work is minimized, as the documentation for quantity and fibre type is stated on the concrete delivery note. In addition, PP Nordica's Danish partner, the engineering company PPCD, can prepare the project's static calculations and necessary documentation for use in the QA documentation.