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Airfield - Karup

In 2011, Karup Airfield needed to construct some new ground decks around their buildings and hangars. We suggested adding DurusEasyFinish, which replaces all steel reinforcement, and Crackstop Ultra, which minimizes the risk of cracks in the terrain deck. The quality had to be 100% because the ground cover would be affected by weight, from airplanes, vehicles and extreme weather conditions, among other things. The advantage of adding PP Nordica Denmark's DurusEasyFinish fibers is that it guarantees over 50% more CO2 savings than using steel reinforcement. The DurusEasyFinish solution has meant that the resources for purchasing, logistics, installation and quality assurance of the conventional steel reinforcement - could be saved completely. PP Nordica Denmark says thank you for the cooperation.

Areas of application

Ground cover

Types of buildings

Coast, ports, bridges and structures


North Jutland