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PP Nordica Group offers consultancy, calculation and materials for sustainable concrete reinforcement solutions. As a supplier and advisor to leading as well as locally based contractors in the Nordic region, PP Nordica contributes to a significant material reduction in the construction industry's foundation solutions.

The fundamental change from conventional steel reinforcement of concrete structures is the four core values that the Group's customers are provided with: Easier, faster, cheaper and more sustainable construction. This is made possible by replacing all or part of the steel reinforcement with patented macrosynthetic DURUS EasyFinish fibers. With 70,000 fibers per kilogram of DURUS EasyFinish, the fibers provide a reinforcing force that can comprehensively replace steel reinforcement - either completely or in a combination solution.

Through collaboration with the independent consulting engineers, PPCD Engineers, PP Nordica has the resources and technology to perform calculations and offer documentation for load-bearing capacity and replacement potential. PPCD also offers independent consultancy independent of PP Nordica, and can be referred directly or through PP Nordica collaborations and services.

PP Nordica represents other products for the concrete industry and the construction market.

PP Nordica Group is headquartered in Ansager, Denmark, in addition to a local office in Østerbro, Copenhagen, where facilities are shared with PPCD Ingeniører. PP Nordica Group has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Poland and the Baltic States. The producer of DURUS EasyFinish fibers, ADFIL, in which PP Nordica Group has an ownership interest, has production facilities in Belgium and the UK.

Sustainability is particularly on the agenda in connection with PP Nordica's help to the construction industry, where the usualCO2 reduction is 60-90 percent compared to conventional steel reinforcement. This can be documented through EPD-Danmark's EPD analysis of DURUS EasyFinish, which at the same time proves to improve on a wide range of other parameters in comparison.

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